Saturday morning, Lone Oak High School Cafeteria, at the John Robinson Scholarship breakfast fundraiser. Lots of classmates from lots of classes. As a result of the golf outing, this breakfast and the many donations they solicit, over $16,000.00 was collected to push the John Robinson Memorial Scholarship fund over it's $100,000.00 goal. We hope Mr. Robinson would be pleased by all those who seek to honor him and his contribution to our lives.

While we focus mainly on Class of 66 members, see how many others you can recognize. Again, no specific order, but generally beginning to end.

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S01_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S02_DianaJERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S03_BrentDenker_060930.jpg S04_BuddyRushing_060930.jpg
Welcome! Diana, Brent Denker & Buddy Rushing getting ready

S05_GwenFrankDiana_060930.jpg S06_GwenDiana_060930.jpg S07_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S08_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg
Gwen, Frank & Diana Gwen & Diana Breakfast in LOHS Cafeteria

S09_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S10_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S11_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S12_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg
John Robinson Memorial Scholarship breakfast fundraiser
S13_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S13a_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S13b_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S14_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg
S14a_DavidDennis_060930.jpg S14b_DavidNubbinsRick_060930.jpg S15_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S16_Diana_060930.jpg
David & Dennis David, Nubbins & Rick Tickets & Donation Jar Diana working hard
S14c_Linn_060930.jpg S17_DickRebeccaBill_060930.jpg S18_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S19_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg
Linn Dick, Rebecca & Bill Cooks & Serving Line - somewhat different from our old serving line
S19a_GwenKim_060920.jpg S20_MaxineTommy_060930.jpg S21_BrendaJimOsborne_060930.jpg S22_ButchPhillip_060930.jpg
Gwen & Kim Maxine & Tommy Brenda & Jim Osborne Butch & Phillip
S22a_ButchPhillip_060930.jpg S23_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S24_JimCarolyn_060930.jpg S25_CharlesDarlene_060930.jpg
Butch & Phillip Dennis & Ralph Jim & Carolyn Charles & Darlene
S26_NancyTony_060930.jpg S27_GeorgiaRebeccaDavid_060930.jpg S28_Phyllis_060930.jpg S28a_BrendaGeorgia_060930.jpg
Nancy & Tony Georgia, Rebecca & David Phyllis Brenda & Georgia
S29_Ruthie_060930.jpg S30_GaryKaren_060930.jpg S31_LarryAsUsual_060930.jpg S31a_DaveRickPaula_060930.jpg
Ruth Spears Gary & Karen Larry... as usual Dave, Rick & Paula
S31b_JimLinnDonDave_060930.jpg S32_Nancy_060930.jpg S33_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S34_PatTonyChuck_060930.jpg
Jim, Linn, Don & Dave Nancy Serving Line Pat, Tony & Chuck
S35_BrendaGeorgia_060930.jpg S36_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S37_CraigSteve_060930.jpg S38_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg
Brenda & Georgia David & Hollowells Craig & Steve Nice Crowd
S39_RevaDianeOwen_060930.jpg S40_JERSBrkfst_060930.jpg S41_DontTakeMyPicture_060930.jpg S42_TallyTable_060930.jpg
Reva, Diane & Owen Jim, Rosie, Diana, Maxine, Tommy & Brenda "Don't Take My..." [snap] Tally Table, looking good
S43_PaulaFrancisRalph_060930.jpg S44_DennisNancy_060930.jpg S45_DonnaCharlieRalph_060930.jpg
Paula, Francis & Ralph Dennis & Nancy Donna, Charlie & Ralph